Opinion: Five things to do before you graduate


headshot_Abigail Miller

Abigail Miller

Just like any phase in life, there are things you must experience while in college. Yes, we’re here to study and blah, blah, blah…but as a second-semester senior, I can tell you that if you don’t do certain things while at college, you will regret not seizing your last few years of “freedom.”

As I get closer and closer to the start of my last semester at Kent State, I’m realizing that I took my first two years here for granted. Don’t start college ready to graduate, use your time wisely and make your four years worth it before entering the “real world.”

Here are five things to do to make your time at Kent State worth while.

Take Fun Classes

I’m realizing as I prepare to start my last semester in college that I got too focused in on my major at times. Don’t be like me, try to take at least one course each semester that genuinely interests you or sounds fun. It may be related to your field of study or it may not be, it doesn’t matter. There’s a fun class for everyone. Love movies? Try out the College of Communication and Information class on Will Ferrell. If you’re a wine connoisseur, try out the College of Arts and Science geography of wine class. No matter what classes you take, just don’t be like me and wait until your very last semester to work up the nerve to take Italian I.

Take a Day Trip to Cleveland

Had enough of college town life? No worries, one of the biggest cities in Ohio is an hour away. There is something in Cleveland for everyone. I recommend seeing a show at Playhouse Square or trying the cannolis at West Side Market. Either way, taking a day trip to Cleveland is a nice break from the monotony of college life.

Study Away

While being on your own at school is a sort-of “test run” for adulthood before you’re technically in the “real world,” an even better trial run for what life will be like after college is studying away. I studied away at Kent State’s New York City studio and it was one of the greatest thing I’ve done. Not only was I able to live in the city on my own, but through my internship I made lifelong friendships. Whether it’s New York or China, studying away is a chance for you to apply the skills you’ve learned so far in college out in the “real world.”

Attend a Sporting Event

Maybe you’re big into sports, and maybe you aren’t, regardless of your interests, going to at least one of Kent State’s sporting events is crucial to adjusting to life here. My first sporting event at Kent State was a football game during parents and families weekend my freshman year. I had just started school and rather than going to a game alone, I waited until my family was in town so I could experience something new while also curbing some home-sickness. While it did rain, it was so fun to connect my family to my new home here in Kent. There’s no better way to feel like a part of the campus than cheering on Kent State in the stands.

Get Involved

Whether it’s within your major  like it was for me  or not, getting involved in clubs or organizations may be the entire point of college besides earning a higher education. I was reluctant to get involved at first because I was intimidated. However, since I finally got involved in student media my sophomore year, I haven’t been able to get enough of it.

Abigail Miller is the managing editor. Contact her at [email protected].