Hendry sentenced in Centennial dorm sexual assault case

Connor Hendry, former KSU student, turns and apologizes to the victim while reading his statement during his sentencing hearing on Aug. 26, 2019. 

Maddy Haberberger, TV2 Reporter

Rachel Karas, Managing Editor

Connor Hendry, a former Kent State student, was sentenced Monday to 180 days of jail time for sexually assaulting another student in the Centennial C dormitory in April 2018.

He also received five years of probation, will pay $300 in court fines and will be subject to mental health checks. He will be required to register as a Tier 1 sex offender and will have to register his address in a database every year for 15 years.

The woman Hendry assaulted had her victim statement read aloud in the courtroom. She did not list any specific requests related to Hendry’s sentencing, other than not wanting to affect Hendry’s life any more than he has already affected hers. KentWired does not normally name victims of sexual assault.

As Hendry began an apology to the victim, Judge Laurie Pittman ordered him to “turn and around and tell her that” to her face.

Hendry was led directly from the court room in handcuffs following the hearing and will begin serving his time immediately.

He will remain a persona non grata and not be allowed on the Kent State campus. He will also be barred from having any contact with the victim.

Prior to the hearing, Hendry plead guilty to charges of gross sexual imposition, a fourth degree felony; unauthorized use of property, a fifth degree felony; sexual imposition and solicitation, both third-degree misdemeanors. He plead to these charges in April.

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Editor’s note: David Williams contributed to this story.