Latitude newest off-campus apartment complex

A group of a Latitude residents relax and watch TV in the lounge of the new apartment complex, Latitude on Aug. 24, 2019.

David Williams

Latitude is Kent’s newest apartment complex, located at 1450 E. Summit St., directly across from central campus. 

Latitude’s official move-in day was August 19th. “Most residents have moved in at this point,” said a Latitude representative.

“I moved in on the 21st,” said Michael Fairhurst, a senior computer science major. “Last year I lived over at 345, which was nice but just way too pricey.” 

Fairhurst said he liked 345 Flats because of its downtown location and proximity to campus. However, walking up Summit hill frequently made him late for class. “Latitude is way closer, so now hopefully I can get to my classes on time,” he said. 

Latitude’s construction began last year and extended into the summer, pushing the official move-in date back to mid-August. 

Dakota Johnson, a junior nursing major, said she was confused about the move-in dates. “I was hoping to move in earlier this summer, like in early August, but I guess they still had to finish things up a bit,” she said.

Johnson transferred to Kent this year from the University of Akron Lakewood. She said the staff were very helpful with her move in process.

“I wanted to get in as soon as possible and they were very accommodating,” Johnson said. “They actually let me move in a little bit before everyone else.”

Latitude makes a point of accommodating international students as well. The Latitude website offers a multitude of links to resources that students can take advantage of. The website references shuttles from international airports to Kent, locations where they can exchange currency and information on how to set up a US bank account. The website also has information about nearby emergency services and where the nearest international consultants are.

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