USG meeting: Developments for Kent State’s campus introduced


Members of USG pose for a photo Aug. 28, 2019.

Lauryn Oglesby

Changes for Kent Market 2 upon its closing, an open house for the Aeronautics training center and the upcoming May 4 Commemoration were all discussed at the Undergraduate Student Government meeting Aug. 28. 

Shay Little, vice president of student affairs, discussed the May 4 commemoration in 2020.

“We are committed in showing the ongoing conversation of students, including the lessons learned and the relevance to today” Little said.

In addition, Little believed that it was important to examine the role of the college campus in free speech and open dialogue. 

To begin this, two retired congressmen will visit Kent State in late October to participate in a Kent Talk and allow students to feel more comfortable in addressing more controversial views. 

“We have been engaged to do the Congress Campus program where retired congressmen and women signed up to visit college campuses and discuss with some selective classes this whole issue of how do we talk through these issues,” Little said.

Other developments, including junior English major Tiera Moore’s introduction of Kent State Votes, were introduced. The initiative is aimed at increasing voter registration on campus.

Junior biotechnology major Arian Sajjady discussed advertising for an international homecoming event, where international and domestic students can socialize and share their culture.

Junior political science major Donny Wolford referenced his meeting with the Reimagined Kent Student Center sub-committee, where potential plans for the space that Kent Market 2 occupies took place.

“Possible options for the space include a lounge, individual and group study spaces and a tranquility room,” Wolford said.

Wolford plans to attend the next meeting of the sub-committee August 29, at which point the members of the committee will present formal proposals for the space.

Senior aeronautics major Michael Klein introduced the open house of the new Aeronautics training building held in Stow for the College of Aeronautics and Engineering on Sept. 6.

“We’ve really come full circle as a college,” Klein said. “Because when I started training here it was out of trailers built in the 60s and 70s so it’s great to have full motion flight simulators and large classrooms and lecture halls.”

Prior to adjourning the meeting, two senators, Senator Desai and Senator Taylor were appointed to positions of the cabinet. Desai was appointed to Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences while Senator Taylor was appointed to Senator for the Residence Halls.

The next USG meeting will be held in the Student Governance Chambers Sept. 11 at 6 p.m. 

Lauryn Oglesby covers student politics. Contact her at [email protected].