Kent State hosts six week Upward Bound program

Abigail Miller

Kent State’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications hosted 23 high school students from Upward Bound for a six week program where they took courses on photography, personal brands, social justice and web design.

Students are able to choose a track of classes from one of five University Colleges, including the College of Communication and Information, which organized the media related courses. In addition to their chosen track of courses, students also took business, math and english classes. 

Kent State’s Upward Bound program is part of TRIO, which is a set of three federally-funded programs (Classic Academy, Math Science and Health Professions) that focus on helping students from low-income households, students with disabilities or are first-generation college students. There are 2,800 programs nationwide and more than 850,000 students are in a TRIO program, according to the Kent State University website.

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