Opinion: One Step At A Time-Driving


This is the steering knob that I use. I do believe that it is a very cool looking accessory.

Michael Reiner

I have always viewed myself as a very lucky person. 

I am lucky because I have pretty much done everything that I set out to do. 

However, one thing that was somewhat in question was driving. My family and I always wondered if I would be able to hit the gas and break pedals effectively. 

I remember the first time that my dad took me driving. We went down a back road near our house. At the time, I did not get the concept that I had to move my right foot between the gas and the break. We went downhill and my foot was stuck on the gas as we went downhill. I have never seen my dad more scared in his life. It was at that moment that my dad decided to let my mom do the teaching.  

That was the last time that I drove for a while. Throughout high school, I rode with my brother because we went to all of the same places. After graduation, my mom and dad made it their mission to get me on the road as a licensed driver. 

My parents would take me to driving sessions in Cleveland and Canton. I did this training when I was over 18 years of age, so I did not go through regular drivers ed classes. At first, I was not excited about these classes because driving made me nervous and scared. 

Then I met an amazing teacher named Julie. We had lots of great conversations that helped me relax when I drove. She had a lot of great tips that I still use today. 

My mom was, and still is, the most kind and patient person I know. We would go practice driving multiple times a week to get the routine drilled in my memory. I was able to get my license after I passed my test two summers ago. I am very grateful that I am able to drive and I would not be able to be behind the wheel today if it wasn’t for my mom. 

I now drive to work five days a week and I couldn’t be happier. I use a pretty cool steering knob that helps me control the car during turns. 

So, if you’re reading this, you can give me a buzz and we can go grab a bite to eat. There’s nothing better than being on the open road. 

Michael Reiner is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].