2019 Kent State graduate finds success at Ashtabula winery


(Left to right) Kent State enology instructor Ed Trebets holds a homemade wine bottle alongside Laurello Vineyards owner Kim Laurello, Kent State Ashtabula Dean Susan Stocker, and Kent State graduate Brad Indoe.

Michael Reiner

Laurello Vineyards, a family owned Geneva winery, and the students of Kent State Ashtabula have made homemade wine over the past year. 

The enology students at Kent State Ashtabula get hands-on experience as they learn about the wine making process. Their partnership has allowed the students to make three different wines. The owner, Kim Laurello, said the students learn an amazing amount of information during their time with the Vineyards.

“The whole wine making process is a journey,” Laurello said.

It has definitely been a journey for 2019 Kent State enology graduate Brad Indoe. Indoe worked in California in the marketing and sales industry. He became enthralled with the wine industry when he would visit wineries on the weekends. 

Indoe worked for Western Digital, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer hard drives in California.

When he found out the Geneva, Ohio wine scene was popular, he decided he wanted to come home to Ohio to pursue a different career path. 

“At first, I didn’t know that the wine industry was so big here in Ohio,” Indoe said. “When I decided to move back to Ohio eight years ago, I connected with the Laurellos and they gave me tons of advice.”

Laurello said Indoe was one of the most accomplished students that she has taught.

“He knows a lot about the industry and he stays very organized,” Laurello said. “I can’t say enough good things about Brad because he works very hard,” Laurello said. 

The Laurellos rewarded Indoe’s hard work by hiring him as a full-time wine maker after graduation.

“I’m very glad that I completed the program because it is one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my career,” Indoe said.

Michael Reiner is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].