REFLECTION: A thank you


Shelbie Goulding

Shelbie Goulding

As my last column ever for The Kent Stater, I just wanted to say thank you. It’s been a long four years, but I somehow made it and I’m set to graduate just over a week from now. Looking back at these past four years, there’s been a lot of ups and downs, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  

Thank you for the endless fun, Alpha Phi. Being in a sorority on campus kept me involved and gave me the college experience I never would have had otherwise. A lot of people tell me I don’t seem like the “sorority girl” type, but I came to Kent not knowing a single soul. Alpha Phi introduced me to the best social life I could have asked for and forever changed my college experience for the better. It also taught me to become a leader and make a difference in life.

I strive for greatness in everything I do, and it took a lot of effort and time to get me there. For about two and a half years, I worked late night shifts as a security guard while also working for The Burr and The Kent Stater. It wasn’t easy, but I survived.

On top of all that, I juggled school work and internships. What can I say? I’m a workaholic, but I somehow managed to keep my chin up and be a college student with a social life.

And thank you, student media, for giving me the opportunities I never thought I’d get in college. Thanks to you, I met amazing people these past couple of years and became a stronger, hard-working leader. It’s rare you get this kind of experience and social life at the same time in college, but Kent State’s School of Journalism gave me that.

I also have to thank my friends who kept me sane throughout the years. Through heartbreak, stress and good times, you all helped me make it through, and I hope this isn’t goodbye as we go our separate ways. People come and go, but you all will stay dear to my heart. You know who you are. Thank you.

Most of all, I have to thank my mom and dad. You two were always there encouraging me to strive for greatness. I didn’t come to Kent State as a journalist or even a writer in the slightest, but you told me to go for it when I switched my major after freshman year. You both encouraged me to take summer courses, get involved in student media and keep pushing through the rough patches. You two are the best support system a daughter can ask for.

And I can’t forget the readers, of both The Burr and The Kent Stater. Thank you for giving me the strength and motivation to write. Your feedback and criticism always keeps me going and makes me want to better myself as a writer. I’m forever grateful for your time.

Last but not least, coffee. Oh sweet, bitter cups of joe, thank you for keeping me alive with endless nights of work and studying. Thank you for keeping me awake after running on four hours of sleep every night for the past four years. My obsession with you isn’t healthy, but you are the key to my college survival, my success.

Shelbie Goulding is a columnist. Contact her at [email protected]