Students de-stress with Wright Hall escape room

A wall inside the escape the zombies themed room at Wright Halls escape room event Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

A wall inside the “escape the zombies” themed room at Wright Hall’s escape room event Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

Leah Marxen

Resident assistants at Wright Hall put on one of the biggest residence hall events of the semester for an end of the year engagement activity.

Escape rooms are a form of entertainment and team-building where a small group of players team up in a closed, themed space and use their surroundings to solve riddles and puzzles which lead them to escape the room.

Over 50 students attended Wright Hall’s Escape Room event. Students had the option to choose between two themed rooms: escape the zombies or a college party.

Once a group of students escaped the room in the allotted time, they received a ticket which allowed them to go up to the tenth floor sky lounge where there was a pizza party, said Ally Kugler, the resident assistant at Wright Hall who created the event.

There was a space for students to take photos with escape room themed photo booth props. Students could use then post the pictures they took on social media, tag Wright Hall’s accounts and automatically be entered into a raffle to win a bluetooth speaker, Kugler said.

“It’s more about ‘Let’s get everyone out of the hall.’ This is our end of the year celebration. This is one of our two most expensive events and they were applicable to ending the year off on a positive note,” Kugler said.

Other end of the semester activities that Wright Hall has put on for students is the de-stress event, where students come and make sugar scrubs, wear facemasks, eat pizza and relax.

“In the past, Kody Elsayed’s idea was to do a de-stress kind of event, we ran that two times last semester and two times the semester before. We have upwards of 70 people come every time where they make their own facemasks and sugar scrubs and stuff like that,” Kugler said.

The escape room was popular with students, as many enjoyed the event whether they solved the puzzles or not. Students were lined up down the hall anxiously waiting to investigate the next escape room.

“I like a challenge, and I thought it was really fun. The decorations were really realistic, I was surprised,” said one student who participated.

As the creator of the event, Kugler expressed her excitement and pride in how well the event turned out.

“I’m just really excited that this made it through. A lot of people ended up coming, we have about 50 people per room and it’s awesome,” said Kugler.

Leah Marxen covers housing. Contact her at [email protected].