Best Place to Cure a Hangover


Patrons enjoy breakfast at Mike’s Place in Kent on April 23, 2017. FILE.

Lexi Marco

Best of Kent 2019

Winner: Mike’s Place

An X-wing Starfighter, a boat and a school bus walk into a bar. … No really, you can find all of these things at Kent’s very own Mike’s Place.

For many, Mike’s Place is the go-to for the morning after a few too many drinks.

“You can go out with the group again, and it’s great depending on everyone’s level of hangover,” one student voter said. “They can get whatever they want. I usually get a small breakfast plate of eggs, bacon and maybe pancakes.”

Mike’s Place has an extensive menu that ranges from “the Dump Breakfast” to “the Hog Wild Mother Clucker.” Students can also now take advantage of the new vegetarian menu offered at Mike’s Place.

Some students may dine at Mike’s Place to eat some greasy and delicious food, but others say they prefer to order a Bloody Mary.

Besides, what better way to cure a hangover than with more alcohol?

Second: Wild Goats Cafe

Opposite the busy Mike’s Place, Wild Goats Cafe is on the simple side with a short, sweet menu and quiet atmosphere.

Wild Goats Fresh & Funky Fine Dining sits right outside of downtown Kent, and students flock there on the weekends to cure a not-so-little hangover. Students tend to like Wild Goats for its quick and friendly service.

A few voters praised Wild Goats for its vegetarian choices, while others said the breakfast menu is full of favorites.

The menu at Wild Goats ranges from an all-day breakfast to an all-day lunch, so students can arrive at any time and choose whatever sounds good to their unsettled stomachs.

For those that may have a stronger hangover and wish to stay in bed, Wild Goats is now on Uber Eats, which means its food can be delivered right to your door.

Third: Tree City Coffee & Pastry

Tree City Coffee is different from Wild Goats and Mike’s Place as it is more of a quaint coffee shop than a busy restaurant. Nonetheless, Tree City is usually bustling with caffeine-craving students chatting, studying or taking their coffee to go.

Whether your hangover lasts until 8 a.m. or 3 p.m., Tree City offers an all-day breakfast menu.

Tree City’s signature maple latte or a hot cup of tea, plus a pastry, can help soak up that alcohol still floating around.

A student voter said their favorite thing about relying on Tree City to cure a hangover is the “mellow atmosphere,” making it a prime place to pull out some notes and begin studying for that test on Monday.