Best Go-to Food Delivery

A gyro from EuroGyro, located in downtown Kent. FILE.

Lexi Marco

Best of Kent 2019

Winner: EuroGyro

As a busy college student, running out to grab a quick bite to eat may not be an option between a day filled with studying and part-time jobs. Luckily, students rely on places like EuroGyro, which can be delivered right to their door.

Established in 1979, EuroGyro’s menu includes everything from pizza to pasta to dessert. For students that frequently pull all-nighters, EuroGyro is open until at least 3 a.m. on most nights, which means late-night cram sessions can easily be conquered with”Jojos” (fries) and a gyro.

Located on South Depeyster Street, EuroGyro is just a short walk from housing on East Main Street. Customers are able to take a seat, order their favorites and relax at the restaurant. Or, if you’re anything like our voters, you’ll use EuroGyro for your go-to food delivery restaurant.

Second: Insomnia Cookies

It’s 2 a.m. and your sweet tooth is keeping you up, but what kind of place is open this late?

Insomnia Cookies is, and better yet, it delivers.

Insomnia’s hours range from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. to ease students’ midnight cravings.

For those that have food allergies or restrictions, Insomnia debuted its vegan and gluten-free cookies in 2016 and opened its 100th store that same year.

In 2003, Insomnia Cookies was founded in a University of Pennsylvania dorm room where then-student Seth Berkowitz decided to satisfy the cravings of hungry college students.

Third: Jimmy John’s

Located next to The Kent Stage and surrounded by other locally owned businesses, Jimmy John’s is in a convenient spot for those exploring downtown.

The operating hours at Jimmy John’s are actually quite similar to Insomnia and EuroGyro, with closing times at 4 a.m. Thursday through Saturday and 12 a.m Sunday through Wednesday.

Students can often spot vehicles with the Jimmy John’s logo attached to the top, delivering sandwiches to hungry students and faculty. 

Jimmy John’s makes the delivery process easy for students in a rush. For those who like to keep it simple, Jimmy John’s offers “plain slims” if they want to add their own ingredients. Vegetarians can enjoy meatless sandwiches, while vegans and people with other restrictions can order an “Unwich,” — all your favorites wrapped in lettuce.