USG continues Period Project conversation through movie, discussion


period. end of sentence.

Molly Heideman

Kent State’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) will hold a viewing of “Period. End of Sentence.” April 16 in Bowman Hall, Room 133 at 7 p.m.

“Period. End of Sentence.” is an Oscar-winning short documentary that highlights the issue of menstrual product accessibility in India.

USG is holding the event to continue the conversation surrounding the stigma of women’s health and menstruation, while also raising awareness to The Period Project initiative — an ongoing initiative at Kent State that provides free menstrual product dispensers in women’s and universal bathrooms across campus.

At the end of the documentary showing, there will be a panel discussing menstrual product accessibility and the stigma surrounding menstruation globally, as well as in the Kent community.

MacKenzie Michalojko, the director of programming for USG, said the event is important for continuing the conversation about the stigma surrounding menstruation and accessibility to these products.  

“There are girls, numerous girls, even myself, who have gotten their period at the most random times, and they have nothing on them,” Michalojko said.

Michalojko encourages everyone to attend the event to learn more about menstruation accessibility and the impacts of not having those products when they are needed the most.

“I feel like people are going to think that it’s just for women because we’re the ones who have this issue, but really it’s for anyone because guys have a huge influence still to this day on our culture,” Michalojko said. “We like to say that society is equal, but truth of the matter is (society) is still rooted in the masculinity of it, and men really do play a role. Even if you don’t have periods, you can still have a say in the issue of it.”

Molly Heideman is a general assignment reporter. Contact her at [email protected].