REFLECTION: I am Robin Scherbatsky

Shelbie Goulding

Shelbie Goulding

Everyone has a favorite television show or movie they adore. I think it’s because we can relate to a certain character or feel the emotions a story evokes. I have a favorite show: “How I Met Your Mother.” I can relate to a character from the series, almost as if I’m looking in a mirror. I am Robin Scherbatsky.

For starters, she’s a journalist – that’s a given – but she’s a go-getter. She sets goals for herself and isn’t afraid to go after them. Even if she fails or struggles to get there, she keeps pushing herself. This goes for both her career and flirting, we have that in common.

She values honesty more than anything. It could just be the journalist in her, but speaking the truth is a priority to her. It’s something I’ve always valued in life, and I can’t lie. I’m actually terrible at it.

She’s very outspoken. She’s not afraid to state what she thinks, what she feels or what she believes in. She doesn’t care what people think, and she makes sure the world knows it. She doesn’t hide who she is, but she has her insecure, vulnerable moments at times. Yeah, I relate.

She drinks like an elderly boss-man. Her preference is scotch while mine is bourbon. She’s a wingman and a lady all in one – “the best bro.” My friends can attest to this and agree (I’m a bro with nice legs to them).

She’s grateful to have friends who have her back, but she doesn’t need to depend on them. She’s extremely independent, especially when it comes to taking care of herself. We both know ourselves best, so we don’t need people trying to figure us out and help all the time. It’s appreciated, but it’s not easy for us to talk about our feelings.

She is kind of scared of babies. I won’t lie, newborns freak me out. They’re fragile, tiny and give me anxiety if I hold them. Maybe it’s just a phase, I don’t know, but babies aren’t my thing. I struggled to hold my newborn niece when she was born.

She grew up in Canada and thinks the cold is nothing. I can agree with her and say I enjoy the cold weather, but I’ve never been to Canada. I’m sure my opinion would change if I experience the brutal cold of the “Great White North,” but I’ve always wanted to go.

She can be dark at times, but she can pull it off. This might be related to the idea of hating feelings, but I can relate. The amount of times I say “my soul is as black as my coffee” is uncanny. People think I’m just being funny, but I feel that on so many levels. I hate the idea of feelings, like her, and it makes me feel like I don’t have a heart at times.

She’s a mess and knows it. I’m not perfect, nobody is. I can fess up to being a mess, but it helps me get out of a bad place. Robin goes through multiple rough patches throughout the series, but she always takes that mess and cleans it up over time.

Although, I’m not a mall pop star, nor will I ever be, I can relate to this character on How I Met Your Mother more than any other show I’ve ever watched. No other character will ever compare or reflect my personality like this badass Canadian native.

Shelbie Goulding is a columnist. Contact her a [email protected].