Diamond Daniel USG


Photo courtesy of Diamond Daniel.

Kimberly Fisher

Diamond Daniel, junior public health major, running for College of Public Health senator 

What is your platform?

“Within the vast field of public health, it is often a challenge to narrow down which path to take; that said, once a student determines their goals they are often a few steps away from achieving them. It is my vision to establish a public health symposium composed of public health professionals who are in different stages of their careers. Especially those early in their careers, to help guide students to their first job. My second objective is to use the small size of the College of Public Health to the students’ advantage. I will implement library workshops, research meet and greets, and develop a comprehensive internship database. Lastly, I want to stand as an advocate for not only the majority, but the minority as well. With women representing a vast proportion of our college, we are highly underrepresented in administration. The same can be said for the African American community. The representation on USG has historically lacked diversity; I will be the voice of the not heard.”

Why should people vote for you?

“The students of public health should vote for me because I am not only extremely passionate about my major, but I genuinely want to see my fellow peers flourish. I feel the students of the College of Public Health are like no other. They’re not in this major for the money, the recognition, or the fame. But because they genuinely are trying to better the world, as far fetch as it may sound. The students of public health are trying to make a safer, healthier, overall better community. It would leave me with no greater pleasure to bring the resources I have gained from several leadership positions, meeting with future employers, and master programs to my college, to help shape the future public health professionals of the world.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“Something I would love to enact within the college is to stress research experience. Something a lot of students don’t realize is public health and research are two different sides of the same coin. Becoming an undergraduate research assistant will not only separate them from other employees and master program applicants, but they will also be that much closer to achieving huge change.”