Pakdeesettakul wins MAC golfer of the week



Zachary McKnight

One season ago, chances are you wouldn’t have known who Thitapa Pakdeesettakul was.

That’s because she didn’t make a single tournament.

Now, after entering her fifth tournament of the season for the Kent State women’s golf team, Pakdeesettakul has won her first MAC golfer of the week award.

“I’m really proud of her and what she has done this year” coach Greg Robertson said. “She didn’t play in our lineup in a single tournament in the fall, but she got it turned around.”

Robertson pointed out bluntly why she didn’t play.

“Everybody was beating her,” Robertson said with a chuckle. “Where her golf game was, she wasn’t ready.”

Robertson has high hopes for Pakdeesettakul going forward.

“If she continues to progress, the future looks bright for her,” Robertson said. “She has the confidence in her golf game and feels comfortable out on the course.”

Pakdeesettakul explained she didn’t expect to win the award so soon after her fall struggles.

“I struggled in the fall,” Pakdeesettakul said. “I needed a lot of adjusting. I was trying to work hard in many aspects. The coaches and the very competitive environment motivated me.

Pakdeesettakul explains that, despite winning the award, golf is still something fun.

“I should say it feels good,” Pakdeesettakul said. “I didn’t expect that to happen. I just go out there and enjoy playing.”

Zachary McKnight is a sports reporter. Contact him at [email protected]