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USG Cliford Fumbui

USG Cliford Fumbui

Sara Crawford

Cliford Fumbui – Candidate for Director of Business and Finance

What is your platform and why should people vote for you?

“Before I get into my platform, I will like to tell you a little about myself. I come from a very humble background and started schooling here in Kent State University very poor. So, in that very critical situation, I started looking for ways to get money to pay for my courses. Then, I found out that there are many scholarship opportunities here in college that students don’t know about. Just, for instance, I had a chance to talk with the current director of business and finance for USG and he told me that every student can apply for up to $750 every year to finance a project or a program here in school. But, most students don’t know.

  I’m not doing this for any personal gain I just took it as a duty to help as many students as I can, get finances for their projects or programs and I will do this by creating awareness to the entire undergraduate student body.

What is your platform, and why should people vote for you?;

1)    Always do more than you are paid for to make and investment in your future. The word “pay” in that quote does not refer to money. Most students come to college and they do just what the are required to do, to get a degree. But, they forget to know that education is no longer the key to success and knowledge is not power. All these are potentials to success and power respectively. What rely counts is the skills. I’m here to learn and I have a goal to be a financial planner and a good business manager in future. In order to achieve these, I have to get involved when I am in school. Like being part of the USG not just for my self but to make other students get involve and learn the skills. I will do that by making them know that money is not the problem. All the need is to make a plan and vote for Cliford Fumbui as director of business and finance. Then, bring the problems and we will solve them.

2)    To become oneself is more than achievement. I like to tell the entire student body that I will not be successful when I win the election but, I will be successful when I will help enough people get finances for their project or program. That is one of the reasons they should vote for me. I had the privilege to have a business mentor who thought me that; it is not the amount that matters but what you do with the amount. He actually runs a nonprofit and I work hand in hand with him. He taught me how to take a little of anything and make a great impact in society, which is exactly what I will do when I get elected.

3)    Driven by the force of experience; I have my own business;, I do a lot of networking and I help people budget. When I am recruiting for business, I look at people who want to create an impact not just for themselves but for the society and this is a philosophy I will use to select people for my allocation committee.

Most people think of business as a large institution oppressing its workers. Not realizing that business people are solution finders. They learn how to solve problems so effectively that people pay them for it. That is the mindset that I am planning to bring to the students. Make a change by thinking on how to solve people’s problems and do it well in order to make a fortune in life. Zig Ziggler said ‘If you help enough people get what they want you will have everything you one.’ And I also want students to know that you don’t need money to finance a project all you need is a project. I can help get the finances for you. I have been working with launch net for a year and I know that you can do whatever you want to do if you have a clear written plan.”