USG Keegan Lax

USG Keegan Lax

USG Keegan Lax

Sydney Purtee

Keegan Lax

Candidate for Director of Programming

What is your platform?

“Kent State’s Undergraduate Student Government has a rich history of hosting some of the most influential and prominent artists throughout time. From names like Drake to Bruce Springsteen, Elton John to Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, John Mulaney and so much more. As a fellow student, having the ability to go to a high end concert or performance is one of the best ways to take a break away from the every-day stresses like a busy class schedule or a heavy workload. As Director of Programming, I want to continue this trend and expand our variety of performances we bring to best cater the student body’s wants. In this position, I will work hard with the student body on hosting the best shows by surveying and interacting with our students to give them the best experience this USG can provide.With my experience working on our shows as a member of the Programming Board this year, I believe I have the incite to fulfill the position and meet my objectives in this role to best represent my fellow undergraduates. My aim is to give the student body something they can look forward to, along with providing memories that will last a lifetime.”

Why should people vote for you?

“People should vote for me because I believe I have the best interests for the undergraduate students here at Kent State. I want to make sure we are bringing in artists, performers, speakers that not only interest the undergraduate students, but that reach the largest group of undergraduate students here at Kent State. It’s very important to me that programming is providing a mix of recreational events and also professional development events such as TedX that students will gain something from and remember the rest of their lives.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“There’s a couple things I’d like to enact if elected as Director of Programming. First I’d like to create new ways of collecting student input such as electronic surveys, Twitter polls, and one-on-one student interaction. It’s very important that we are bringing in programing events that best fit the student body and I believe collecting and studying student input is the best way to do so. The second thing I’d like to enact is bringing back professional development programming events such as TedX and other informative speakers. I’d also like to work close with college senators to see if they’re interested in potentially bringing in speakers that will benefit the students of their college.”