USG Chanelle Waligura

Sydney Purtee

Chanelle Waligura

Candidate for Director of Student Advancement

What is your platform?

“Campus roads are heavily relied on by students, employees, professors, and visitors for transportation to and from campus. Being a fellow commuter student myself, construction and weather can have an impact on my daily commute. I would like to work with construction companies and Kent’s own employees to enhance and assist navigation around campus construction and hazardous weather conditions. While students are focused on obtaining a degree, the last thing on students’ minds is their safety mainly because we are all expected to respect one another. However, this is not always 100% guaranteed and situations involving power-based personal violence, which are known as Red Dots, still occur throughout campus. I would address the importance of increasing the amount of Green Dots, which prevent Red Dots, in order to maintain a safe campus culture intolerant of violence. Lastly, I would work to continue to improve upon judicial advocate program for student conduct.”

Why should people vote for you?

“If I were a student, I would be seeking someone who is a people person by having good communication skills and makes decisions and creates programs that are in favor of ALL students. Personally, I believe I qualify for this position because not only am I a very friendly person, but it would be my number one priority to address common issues all students face; I have listed a couple of these in my platform.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“I would like to see the campus body united among one another. Sure, we all have our differences but we still struggle the same issues being students on a college campus. The future programs that would be tailored to the issues listed above would each be one step closer to a united campus that promotes diversity but reminds them of the one attribute we all share: graduating from Kent State University with a mission to be the future everyone is counting on. Go Flashes!”