Fake Paddy’s Day – Ella

By 10 a.m., the snow was nearly gone and large groups of people were making their way from apartment complexes out toward downtown.

On Summit Street, flocks of people decked out in green spilled from houses and porches out onto the thawed lawns. Pong tables were set up in some yards, while others were content to simply hang out on the grass.

Two boys began roughhousing near the street, quickly being pulled back across the sidewalk by their friends as cars passed. Moving down the street, people were hurried off of sidewalks and onto lawns for fear of having their parties shut down.

At one house, a man in dark green plaid ushered people off the sidewalk. Moments later, a glass bottle was tossed from somewhere within the gathering group of people and shattered on the sidewalk.

Fake Paddy’s isn’t just a holiday for current students. It’s also an opportunity for alumni, like Alyssa Reman and Becca Wolke, to return to Kent and celebrate alongside old friends.

“I came back cause it’s like a perfect weekend to come back,” Reman said.

“See old friends,” Wolke added.