Kent Stop Talking…About Valentine’s Day

Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Kent Stop Talking! This week, we look back on Valentine’s Day, what we did, who we did it with and how we feel about the holiday. Nick tries really hard to make a brief announcement. He also tells the tale of his ten-hour Greyhound journey home from DC, we discuss why you guys don’t listen to it anymore and we lament how often we tell the same stories over again. Hope you enjoy!

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3:20: Listening to our own voices

5:45: How we met each other

9:25 Nick begins the longest brief announcement

11:00 Nick starts talking about his Greyhound trip to DC

13:45: Sketchiest places we’ve ever eaten

22:30: Nick delivers his brief announcement

23:10: How to tell people you’re engaged

28:50: Participating in social conventions

30:05: Valentine’s Day shenanigans

47:50: Nick’s wild ride back