Terrace Hall to be torn down


Terrace Hall will be torn down in Summer 2019 in order for the College of Business Administration to construct its new building.  

Jill Golden

The ROTC building will be demolished this summer so the new College of Business Administration has room for its new building.

The ROTC building, or Terrace Hall, is where Kent State’s Army and Air Force ROTC cadets attend labs and classes. Terrace Hall is located next to White Hall near the north side of campus.

Once the building is torn down, ROTC classrooms will be relocated to Bowman Hall and offices in the Schwartz Center. Cadets will store their supplies in the Administrative Services Building, located on the other side of campus.

“It adds some complexity to what we do,” said Lt. Col. David Simms, a professor of military science.

The ROTC program will share classrooms with other classes and programs in Bowman Hall, which Simms said may add some difficulty in terms of scheduling. Simms also said that because of the cadets’ early schedules, they may not have access to classrooms as early as they do in Terrace Hall because the buildings won’t be open until later in the morning.

The rebuild will also affect parking lots and traffic patterns in the area due to the size of the College of Business Administration, Simms said.

The expected end date of the project is unknown.

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