REFLECTION: Spending Valentine’s Day six hours apart

Scott Rainey (New)

Scott Rainey

This year and last, my girlfriend Molly and I spent Valentine’s day apart. Last spring, I was in Washington, D.C. completing an internship program, and she was back in Kent. This year, our roles are reversed, as she’s currently studying and interning in D.C. while I’m finishing up my last semester here.

Our relationship began with us understanding that we would be spending time apart. Last year, I completed internship programs in both Columbus and Washington while she remained here. Columbus was an excellent trial run, so to speak, because we were able to see each other frequently. The following spring, however, things would be different. I left for Washington in mid January, and we were only able to see each other twice during the semester.

While we weren’t able to be together on Valentine’s Day, she was able to visit the weekend before. We went exploring in Washington and got to enjoy a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant. While it was wonderful to see Molly after having been apart for so long, it took some work to make sure we were communicating effectively while we were apart.

At certain points, it was a struggle. I was experiencing new things, and it was often hard to talk every day. We were both busy, and it seemed at points like we really weren’t able to speak to each other for more than ten minutes at a time. She had the idea that we should write letters to each other, and i’m incredibly grateful for that idea. Not only did it help pass the time, but it was also incredibly nice writing to her and reminiscing about our past experiences and making jokes.

The first one she wrote me included a bunch of confetti with random words written on the pieces. There was lots of confetti. A nice note accompanied the confetti. It was cute, nice and very well-written, but also it was also lots of confetti. Now, because I am an excellent boyfriend, I decided that my letter would not include a confetti bomb. Fellas, if you aren’t writing your girlfriends letters, then you better start! It’s fun and you may get one back with lots of love and confetti.

Last fall we were able to spend our first semester together. Now we’re back to long distance, and we won’t be together for Valentine’s Day again.

It was difficult to say goodbye in January, but it’s reassuring to know that we have successfully done this before. We learned that clear communication is key, and while there will be rough patches, they show that we care for each other. We have successfully worked through them, and we will continue to do so. It’s a lot of fun to hear her tell me about her adventures in the big city, and I’m proud of her for going.

While Molly is off running the country in Washington, I’m back here writing articles about SpongeBob and the Super Bowl. It’s important stuff, but it’s better to be able to share it with someone important to me, whether it be over the phone or Facetime, or through letters and texts.

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