Kent floral shop has new owner after over 80 years of business


Kent floral shop has new owner after over 80 years of business

Madison Tromler

Local flower shop has new owner after 80 years in business from on Vimeo.

After 80 years of business at Kent Floral on South Water Street, the shop is in new hands.

“It is very exciting,” said Linda Boardman, new owner and creative director.

 It’s now called Acorn and Evergreen Floral Studio, and Boardman isn’t new to this. She owns another shop in Cuyahoga Falls called Dietz Floral Studio, and she’s ready to continue the legacy in a new way.

“I’m just trying to bring us into the modern age a little bit, as far as with social media…,” she said. “Plus, when I first saw this space and this beautiful green house, my thought was oh my goodness.” 

“It’s great to see somebody with experience in the floral business to come in to pick up the reigns.” said local business owner and customer, Tim Sahr.

With Valentine’s Day here, it’s the perfect time. So, is it worth it to spend the money at a flower shop instead of a grocery store?

“When you come to a florist, you know that they know what they’re doing. They’ve processed them correctly,” Boardman said. “They’re in cold storage unlike all those other places.” 

Although handmade bouquets may require hard work, she said it’s worth every second. 

“When you’re a florist, you love what you do,” she said. “You just work through the pain because it’s really not important. The flowers are what’s important.”

Boardman says her top two tips for taking care of a bouquet are to change the water when it turns yellow and never put it in the sunlight, unless it’s a house plant.