Guido’s Restaurant of downtown Ravenna is back to business

Taylor Hudak

Guido’s Restaurant of downtown Ravenna is back to business from on Vimeo.

Guido’s Pizza and Catering in downtown Ravenna is making a full comeback following a fire that broke out on Friday. The business re-opened Tuesday, and customers are not hesitating to stop in for their favorite foods.

“You know this happened just Friday before the Super Bowl. So it’s a busy weekend already, we’re already frantic,” said Guido’s general manager Scott Hutchinson.

Guido’s is back to business after experiencing smoke damage from a fire that broke out in the building next door.

“Yeah, it was definitely a scary feeling… just helpless, you know watching this building burn,” Hutchinson said.

And although Guido’s Restaurant did not experience serious damage from the fire, the smoke was enough to contaminate all of the food, with the crew having to clear out the entire store. 

“We spent pretty much all of Friday taking everything we weren’t allowed to keep and just trashing it,” manager Melissa Long said.

The initial cause of the fire is still under investigation, and authorities have yet to release more information.