Taking care of your car in the cold

Connor Steffen

As Kent State gears up to approach record-cold temperatures this week, students are finding ways to keep their cars healthy and running.

Larry is a mechanic at Fred’s East Main Automotive in Kent, Ohio, gave multiple tips on what students can do for their cars during the deep freeze.

His first tip is to ensure all the fluids in the car are at proper levels. Fluids include transmission fluids, wiper fluids, and your gas tank as well.

Another tip Larry gives is to make sure your tire pressure is always at 30 pounds. A 10-degree temperature fluctuation can make a car lose up to several pounds of pressure.

Larry also warned to always wipe off your car — every single window — before you drive so you have a clear point of view of the road at all times.

Larry said, “… whether two wheel drive or a four wheel drive, ice is ice.” This is his golden rule for car safety in the winter.

Larry said as long as students are conscientious and pay close attention to their cars, they should be fine no matter the age or mileage of the car. during the winter and pay close attention, your car should be fine no matter its age or mileage.