Fashion student opens accessible fabrics store

Erin Simonek

MVI_3279 from Erin Simonek on Vimeo.

Symone Baskerville, a senior fashion major, opened her student-led business Kent Fabrics Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019.

“A fabrics store was never in the dreams,” Baskerville said, “it was something that just started to solve a problem.” 

Baskerville said she created the business to help other fashion majors have an accessible fabrics store.

“Our closest fabrics store is Joann Fabrics which is 20 minutes away,” Baskerville said.

She wanted the store to be helpful to Kent State fashion students with a short walking distance location from the fashion school. The store also sells sustainable fabric and other quality material that aiming professionals can’t find at other chain fabric stores.

Halimah Muhammad, a senior fashion merchandising major, said she will use the store frequently for her class supplies.

“The high-end fabric that she has, you can’t find anywhere else around Kent,” Muhammad said. The merchandising student explained she likes the fabric at Kent Fabrics because of its quality and professionalism.

The store sells a brand of fabric that is made from plastic water bottles.

Material like performance jersey, cotton jersey, fleece and denim are sold through the eco-friendly company, Thread, using these recycled water bottles to make its fabric.

Michelle Park, a fashion industry studies graduate student, purchased a yard of sustainable fabric at the grand opening. 

“The fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry in the entire world,” said Park. She explained how hard sustainable fabric is to find in stores, especially in the state of Ohio. 

Along with fabric, customers can find student sketches for purchase and take part in merchandising and design classes. 

Baskerville built her own cutting table for the store using a YouTube tutorial, plywood and three bookshelves. She also has a team working with her and her business, including a public relations and social media team. 

“(Kent Fabrics) was started by a student and it’s for students,” said Baskerville.

Kent Fabrics is located in downtown Kent at 175 E. Erie St.

Erin Simonek is the Digital Content Producer. Contact her at [email protected].