Holiday Gift Guide: Treno Ristorante

Henry Palattella

Nothing says the holidays more than scallops, and look no further than Treno Ristorante to get your seafood fix this holiday season.

“We added a fall spaghetti squash to the scallops to give it more of a holiday feel,” Andrea Barolo, the Executive Chef at Treno, said. “Scallops are one of things that not a lot of restaurants have. It’s not the easiest thing to cook.”

Treno’s scallops feature a brown sage butter and a lemon vinaigrette season kale that tie the entree together, and, when paired with a glass of chardonnay, complete the perfect holiday meal. “We only have two fish dishes on the menu, and the scallops are the only shellfish on our menu,” Barolo said. “The scallops stand out because it’s a high quality item to have on your menu.”