A new look on campus

Examples of photos from Collective’s upcoming look-book.

Madison Brattoli

Creative minds on campus are coming together and creating the new organization known as KSU Collective, a media-based organization.

Collective has an interest in bringing together creative individuals on Kent’s campus. The organization strives to help people create with true freedom outside of their assigned course work.

Collective is open to everyone no matter their major or background.

“I created this organization because college students, no matter the major, are some of the most creative people in the world,” Aidan Taylor said, the KSU Collective president and a sophomore fashion merchandising major. “Sometimes all you need is a space to really tap into your creative outlet in order to bring amazing ideas to life.”

The group works to create content through their social media for their audience while allowing members to display their talents.

Collective is currently working on a look-book and have put on three photo shoots so far. Members get to utilize their fashion, cosmetology and photography skills.

Collective strongly enforces diversity in their organization, seeking nontraditional models and styles.

“We put different pieces (of clothing) together that others may not put together,” said Sydney Evans, a sophomore public health major.

Through social media, Collective showcases member’s talents by selecting a creative of the week.

This creative of the week has their content published on Collective’s Instagram for all followers to see.

Collective is striving to create a large platform on Kent’s campus. They use this opportunity to educate the public on difficult subjects.

The organization is currently working on creating a black history month and mental health showcase.

“We want others to have their eyes on us for educational reasons,” said Sydney Ford, a sophomore journalism student. “Others can gain a lot from what we do through Collective, we can really help build something and change what we might see at Kent State.”

Collective is currently working on sharing their ideas by creating all forms of media around campus. This includes radio, podcasts, blogs and a physical magazine.

“Collective allows different people to express themselves. That was hard for me, I didn’t feel comfortable in other organizations until I founded Collective,” Evans said.

Madison Brattoli is a diversity reporter. Contact her at [email protected].