Holiday Gift Guide: Kent Cheesemonger


Kent Cheesemonger’s wine and cheese pairings

McKenna Corson

The holidays can be stressful.

The constant shopping rush for the perfect gifts, entertaining family and friends, cooking and cleaning. It can be difficult to find time to relax with the hustle and bustle that comes with the end of the year.

However, the Kent Cheesemonger provides the perfect gift solution to help introduce a little fun and relaxation: wine and cheese pairings, a gift that just begs to be shared.

“If you grab a bottle of wine and a nice piece of cheese, it’s not only a gift you can give a person, but it’s a gift that you can share with that person and enjoy it together, which is really the whole intent of the holidays,” Tim Sahr, Kent Cheesemonger’s owner, said. “It’s not necessarily spending the money, but the time spent with family and friends.”

Sahr recommends Deer Creek’s “The Stag” Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese and North Coast’s “The Stag” cabernet sauvignon, a pairing that ironically shares the same name. The wine is $19.99 and the cheddar is $23.99 per pound.

The Kent Cheesemonger brings in a variety of new products for the holidays, including wines, cheeses, cheese trays and related accessories.

A bottle of wine and piece of cheese pairing ranges from $15 to $75. The Kent Cheesemonger also creates specialized baskets, chock full of delicious goods that can be mailed to a good portion of the country so almost everyone you see fit can receive a a festive basket.

“I think it’s good for anyone- anybody who likes to spend time with friends and family, sharing good food. It’s a home run sort of gift,” Sahr said.

The Cheesemonger is located at 155 E Erie St #201 in downtown Kent.