Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking…About the Holidays!

Hello and thank you for listening to the last episode of the semester for Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking! This week, managing editor Nick Hunter hops in the booth with the episode one crew: opinion editor Adriona Murphy and columnists Scott Rainey and Cameron Gorman to take a dive into the holidays. We discuss our own holiday traditions, appreciating other cultures, the commercialization of Christmas and whether Santa is real! At the end we get into some minor changes for next year, but we will be back! Thank you so much for listening, not just today, but all semester, and for making us KentWired’s most listened to podcast!

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6:30: What holidays we celebrate and why we celebrate them

12:05: Religion around the holidays

16:30: Falling into the Christmas spirit

20:15: How to make holiday fudge

27:13: Cameron leaves

27:15: The commercialization of the holiday season

42:15: Using Christmas as a parenting tool

45:30: Respecting other traditions

1:01:40: (Big kids chat) Holiday drink ideas

1:05:50: (Big kids chat) Is Santa real?