Vegan ice cream sandwich vendor coming to Haymaker Farmers’ Market


Photo of Bex vegan ice cream sandwich bar.

Brynne Mann Reporter

Bex is a vegan ice cream sandwich vendor starting its season in June at the Haymaker Farmers’ Market. 

Bex was created by Rebecca Carman in 2019 to create animal-free and added-sugar-free ice cream that is good for people and the environment. 

Carman is 28-year-old product designer who combined her vegan lifestyle and love of ice cream into creating the business after years of making ice cream at home. She turned the ice cream into ice cream sandwiches to make them more convenient to eat. 

“The business idea came from my love of making banana-based ice cream at home,” She said. “Then I was inspired by a business at a different farmer’s market that was selling popsicles and that turned on the lightbulb.”

The ice cream sandwiches started off with her combining flavors she loved like chocolate and peanut butter. That’s why her favorite flavor is buckeye. She has over 15 flavors and more coming as her and her friends think of more combinations.

Nuts, dates, bananas and other fruits make up the building blocks for most sandwiches. This helps cater to the vegan lifestyle but also helps other food allergies like gluten and milk. Bex does offer some nut-free options as well for people with an allergy.

People can look forward to the Bex cart having around six flavors each Saturday at the Haymaker Farmers’ Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“I am excited to test if my work has proved fruitful and if people actually like it,” Carman said. “Family and friends have given positive feedback, but the general public is a whole different beast.”

The opportunity to be surrounded by other great businesses, build a customer following and enjoying the spirit of the market are a few other things Carman is looking forward to most about her season. 

While the small business is currently her side hustle, Carman hopes that one day this could become her full-time job and to have enough success during the summer season to continue attending the farmers’ market in the winter season as well.

Brynne Mann covers the City of Kent. Contact her at [email protected].