1 shot at Pebblebrook Apartments in Franklin Twp.

Portage County Chief Deputy Dale Kelly speaks on the phone as police investigate a shooting outside the Pebblebrook Apartments in Franklin Township on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018. One male victim was shot in the shoulder and transported to the hospital. 

Valerie Royzman

The Portage County Sheriff’s Office and Kent police are investigating a shooting that took place at Pebblebrook Apartments in Franklin Township on Sunday evening. 

One male victim has been transported to UH Portage Medical Center, Sheriff David Doak confirmed. The victim was shot in the shoulder, but his condition is unknown.

Witnesses reported the suspect fled the scene and ran toward the Walmart nearby.

Xiao Cheng, a senior marketing major at Kent State and a resident of the complex, said he was heading to dinner with a friend, and when he came outside, he saw an injured man on the ground.

Cheng called the Kent police sometime between 7:30 and 8 p.m.

“I felt we needed to help, so my first reaction was to call 911,” Cheng said.

Colin Shinosky, a junior nursing major and a resident of the complex, was standing outside for about an hour when he spoke with KentWired.

“My roommate said he heard gunshots,” Shinosky said. “I drove down and saw a whole line of flashing lights and I thought I might as well go see what the hell is going on.”

 Police placed crime scene tape around the parking lots of the apartment complex. The investigation is ongoing, Doak said.

Kent State tweeted at 8:11 p.m. that the location of the shooting took place about two miles from campus, “and we have recieved no information that would indicate a threat to our campus.”

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Brynn Pennell and Brandon Bounds contributed to this story.