Homecoming loners

Nate Burtzlaff

Although the academic buildings and libraries on campus aren’t too crowded on weekends, they were especially unpopulated on Homecoming Weekend. As there was singing and dancing on the Risman Plaza, few people were in the library focusing on their studies.

One of those people was Joe M, a freshman Biology/Pre-Med major.

“I’m working on both my Kent Core classes, and my Biology/Pre-Med classes this weekend,” he said. “So I don’t really have the time to do anything Homecoming-related.”

Joe said he typically doesn’t participate in campus activities and, even though he’s a only a freshman, he isn’t planning to either.

“It’s a combination of me being busy and me not really being into the whole social custom of it,” he said.

Joe, however, wasn’t the only person at the library buried in books. Many areas of the library, including the 1st floor, the 4th floor and the Starbucks, had a good crowd.


Nate Burtzlaff is the graduate students and research/transportation reporter. Contact him at [email protected].