Asé Xpressions shares culture with Kent State campus

Madison Brattoli

Asé Xpressions brings a new modern twist to traditional African dance, educating Kent State’s campus through the dance of African diaspora.

The group has been at Kent State since the summer of 2016, and have performed both on and off Kent’s campus.

The group covers various dance styles including hip hop, lyrical and theatrical. 

Within these various styles the group creates exceptional choreography that will enhance the audience’s education of African dance.  

“I joined the group because I wanted to get myself out there. I am a very shy person, this helped me branch out,” said Latrica Williams, sophomore visual communication design student.

Asé Xpressions focuses on group bonding regularly, encouraging members to be one cohesive team. This group dynamic is demonstrated through their synchronized choreography.

Seeking potential out of their dancers is one of Asé Xpressions goals.

Multiple members have expressed that their skills have progressed greatly since they first joined Asé Xpressions.

“I have definitely improved [my dancing skills] since I first started,” said Latrice Johnson, junior fashion merchandising student. “I’ve grown as a person.”

Members of Asé Xpressions hold a great passion, aspiring for their work to enlighten many individuals.

Asé Xpressions holds practice three times a week. During these practices, the girls work hard creating and learning their choreography.

“Three times a week is really dedicated for a student organization to be doing,” said Janine Tifee, Asé Xpressions advisor.

Through the organization, members are given experience and skill sets they can utilize in the real world.

Members learn how to put on a memorable performance, manage their time and create lifelong connections.  

“We bring something completely different to this campus, covering multiple dance styles,” said Yulani Rodgers junior broadcast journalism student and Asé Xpression’s president. “Not a lot of people can get that kind of experience anywhere else.”

Madison Brattoli is a diversity reporter. Contact her at [email protected].