Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking…About Entertainment!


Thank you for listening to Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking! We hope you’ll forgive some mild audio difficulties as columnists Adriona Murphy and Alex Thornhill join host and opinion editor Nick Hunter as they talk about some of our hottest takes on country music, The Office, the Star Wars prequels, young adult fiction and much more. The crew also digs up an iconic picture of Nick and his junior homecoming date and Alex’s high school deathcore band.

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1:50: Adriona’s news: Buzzfeed and are partnering to bring you music from your family heritage

4:36: Alex’s news: Trump budget proposal kills student forgiveness program

8:21: Adriona’s column, ‘Medicating mental illness is only half the battle’

11:32: Alex’s column: ‘The third party problem’

18:00: The best and worst entertainment hot takes