Kent State prepares for 2018 Homecoming Parade

Anna Smith

At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, Kent State University’s 2018 Homecoming Parade will begin off the corner of Midway and Main Street.

To prepare for this event, Kent State’s Center for Student Involvement has been registering entries to participate in the parade.

“The parade is open to student organizations, campus departments and community members,” said Rebecca Blaha, the assistant director for the Center for Student Involvement.

The 83 entries that are registered from around the community have been organized by the Center for Student Involvement and given an assigned spot as to even out the units within the parade.

“We always have our color guard and a Homecoming banner at the front of the parade,” Blaha said. “Throughout the parade, we try to spread out some of the floats and different entries that have cars, music or that are dancers.”

Along with these parade traditions, there will be new aspects to the parade that will make it different than in the past. New entries include Cleveland Cycle Tours, The Roberts Conservatory of Dance and numerous other new floats.

Blaha believes that the enthusiasm of the groups participating will be a perfect complement to the new floats and organizations.

“I think people that come should be expecting a good time,” Blaha said. “A lot of excited people to be in the parade.”

The anticipation for the 2018 Homecoming Parade among Kent residents has led the Center for Student Involvement and the parade units to work hard and create an entertaining celebration.

Anna Smith is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected]