Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking…About Ghosts!

Host and agent of chaos Nick Hunter takes up the producer chair and passes hosting duties onto Cameron Gorman in this week’s episode of Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking! With Halloween on the horizon, Cameron is joined by columnists Adriona Murphy and Scott Rainey, And Stater cartoonist Joey McGrellis to talk ghosts! Do they believe? What are their best ghost stories? What are they being for Halloween?

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1:30: What the gang is dressing as for Halloween

13:05: Do we believe in ghosts?

26:00: Scott’s ghost story: His trip to the Mansfield Reformatory

47:50: We take a break to let ‘Zak Bagans’ talk to the ghosts in the room

50:45: Adriona’s ghost story: Being haunted by her grandpa

53:50: Joey’s ghost story: The surgeon’s very big haunted house

58:55: Cameron’s ghost stories: The the whistling ghost blue woman in the mirror