Betty Sutton speaks to College Democrats days before midterms


Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Betty Sutton speaks at a meet and greet in the Student Center hosted by the College Democrats on Oct. 31, 2018.

David Williams

With the midterm elections less than a week away, Ohio Lt. Gov. candidate Betty Sutton stopped at Kent State Wednesday night to meet with College Democrats, local candidates and other members of the Kent State community.

Sutton, who studied political science at Kent State, spoke of the importance of campaigning in the final stretch. “The days between now and Nov. 6 are the most important,” Sutton said.

“You’re here because you care,” Sutton said, thanking campaigners for their work canvassing neighborhoods and making phone calls. Sutton mentioned her mother who recently turned 90 years old and still does what she can to get the vote out.

A Barberton-native, Sutton recalled being the first woman elected to Barberton City Council, a city council which now has a female majority. Sutton also mentioned the importance of female candidates in the midterm election. “Women’s rights are on the ballot this year.”

Sutton said the same of LGBTQ rights and workers’ rights.

A centerpiece of Sutton’s remarks was healthcare. While in Congress, Sutton supported a provision for the Affordable Care Act which would protect patients with pre-existing conditions, a provision opposed by Cordray’s Republican opponent, Mike DeWine. When DeWine was elected attorney general, he joined other Republican attorney generals in filing a suit against the Affordable Care Act.

Sutton also talked about college affordability, in which Ohio is ranked 45 in the nation; and of substance abuse and damages caused by the opioid epidemic.

“The results of this election will send a message,” said Sutton, who told members of the Kent State College Democrats that she is “inspired by (our) generation.”

Sutton closed by stressing the importance of public service and asked students to “lead with us today, tomorrow and into the future.”

David Williams is a general assignment reporter. Contact him at [email protected].