Off-campus Starbucks accepting FlashCash


Starbucks employees prepare drinks for patrons at the Starbucks on E Main St. on September 4, 2018.

Bryan Vohsing

The Starbucks on the corner of South Lincoln and Main Streets is now accepting FlashCash to bring in more student customers.

Starbucks announced the plan earlier in the summer before implementing the change Aug. 30.

FlashCash is a prepaid debit account that allows students to use their student ID to pay for food, books and printing at various locations on and around campus, according to the Kent State website.

Students can add FlashCash to their student account at the FlashCard office in the lower level of the Student Center or by calling the FlashCard Office.

With over 80 on and off-campus businesses in Kent allowing the use of FlashCash, it has become popular among students.   

Starbucks is hoping that accepting FlashCash will solidify its relationship with Kent State students, store manager Laura Mould said.

“We started accepting FlashCash to bring in student customers, and so far it’s been going well,” Mould said.

But this new system isn’t without its problems.

“We have had a little trouble,” Mould said. “We’ve gotten an error code a few times and had to call support, but other than that, it’s been great.”

Small problems like this are common for businesses in Kent that accept FlashCash, especially newer locations, said Michael O’Karma, the manager of the FlashCard Office.

“There are bound to be problems with FlashCash, so we usually try to respond within one business day.”

Normally, problems are dealt with within the week, but the FlashCard office has had some larger issues that took a few weeks to resolve.

Other businesses around Kent have also started accepting FlashCash, including the new Raising Cane’s, which opened in June.

O’Karma said the Kent State University Hotel & Conference Center will also accept FlashCash in the coming weeks.

Bryan Vohsing is the business and downtown/Trumbull reporter. Contact him at [email protected]