Kent State assures students safety after attempted abduction

Olivia Boris

As a result of the abduction attempt that occurred near the Esplanade at the corner of South Willow and East College Streets, students voice their concerns of safety on campus.

Kent State University Police and Residence Services has been working hard to ensure the safety of Kent State students.

Despite the incident, “Kent State is the number one safest campus in the state and twenty-fifth safest campus in the nation, according to FBI Uniform Crime Reporting and the Security Safety Security Survey,” said KSU Police Department Community Resource Officer Tricia Knoles.

There are many resources on campus that are utilized to maintain Kent’s high safety ranking.

“There are 750 cameras placed around campus and there were cameras in the area that caught coverage over the incident,” Knoles said.

 In areas where cameras are located, there are also blue call boxes. These boxes are a resource for students to use, in case of an emergency.

“These GPS monitored boxes are strategically placed in walking areas and parking lots,” Knoles said. “Although this resource is rarely used, Kent feels the more options for safety, the better.”

“Kent State University Police has mainly dealt with the incident, since it occurred on university property, although, the City of Kent Police has been more than willing to help to keep another set of eyes on the situation,” Knoles said.

Brian Hellwig, the assistant director for residential communities, affirmed that the amount of on campus security is sufficient enough to ensure students safety.

“Security is stationed in five different areas on campus, with two to four security aides in each area per night,” Hedwig said.

The security aides also offer a free escort service, which is the most utilized service offered to students. It provides students with an escort daily, from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. These security aides will arrive at your location within minutes of your call and are stationed all throughout campus.

“After incidents like the attempted abduction happen, we notice a slight increase in the number of students who utilize the service,” Hellwig said.

“Always pay attention and be aware of your surroundings,” Hellwig said. “Walking in groups is the best way to avoid an accident.”

To utilize this free service contact (330)-672-7004.

Olivia Boris is the safety reporter. Contact her at [email protected].