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In July 2016, tents began to congregate behind 15 Broad St., Akron, Ohio. Over the course of the coming months, a few tarps turned into a dozen tents. Then 25. Then over 40. For the homeless in the Akron area, Second Chance Village, as it is know know, became another place to go. 

The tent city’s continued existence has fueled a controversy between property owner Sage Lewis and the local government. At the same time, some local businesses and churches have chosen to support tent city.

 While questions remind about it’s future, most agree that the village has brought attention to the larger issue of homelessness in Akron, highlighting the need for better services and options.

“These people here, they’re all just about trying to live. That’s what this place is for. Its what it’s about. It gives people hope..” – Paul Buchanan