Apple reveals new products at launch event

Rebecca Prandi, a freshman hospitality management major.

Jenna Langon

Apple revealed its most expensive and intelligent products to date, including three advanced iPhones and an improved Apple Watch.

The iPhone XS Max, the biggest iPhone yet, features the most durable glass to ever be placed in a smartphone, a new water and dust resistance level, wireless charging capabilities and a breakthrough dual-camera system.

The iPhone XS Max will start at $1,099.

The iPhone XS, a smaller version that includes the same features, will also be available and starts at $999. Both will be available Sept. 21.

The iPhone XR features durable glass, water and dust resistance and wireless charging. Its camera has portrait mode and smart HDR features. Unlike the other iPhones, it can be purchased in either red, yellow, white, coral, black or blue.

The iPhone XR starts at a lower price of $749 and will be available to preorder Oct. 19, with the first round of shipments going out on Oct. 26.

Tom Parsons, the computer sales manager at the Flash Technology Center located in the campus bookstore, shared some thoughts on the new Apple products.  

“It is probably the most influential device ever made,” Parsons said. “It gives us access to all the information that is important to us like education, work, health and play, Where else can you swipe on a piece of glass and a pizza shows up at your door?”

Not only did Apple release three phones, but a new Apple Watch as well.

“The Apple Watch Series 4 did a bit of a redesign in the way it looks, which appears to be a bit bigger,” Parsons said. “There are new ways to track your health, activity and stay connected to information that is important to you.”

The new Apple Watch Series 4 includes the first electrocardiogram app, which can record the heart’s rhythm and activity.

“The Apple Watch is a great companion to the iPhone, and with the cellular version, you can simply leave your phone at home when you go out for a hike or a workout without missing a beat,” Parsons said.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Nike+ models will be available in a variety of colors starting at $399 at the Flash Technology Center on campus.  

“We will also be offering a price drop on the old Series 3 and Series 1 that we currently have in stock,” Parsons said.

Kent State students voiced their thoughts regarding the new Apple products.

“The new Apple Watch looks very exciting with all of its new features,” Rebecca Prandi, a freshman hospitality management major, said. “I like how it has more fitness features that will benefit me.” 

Katelin Pavlick, a senior public relations major,said the new iPhone models excite her. 

“I love that it is waterproof,” she said. “I have always wanted to take pictures underwater, and that is a feature I never thought would be possible with an iPhone.”

However, this amount of new products and updates can also be overwhelming.

“I appreciate how quickly they’re advancing, but I also get very frustrated with Apple because they’re constantly coming out with new phones, and you always feel like you need to upgrade,” Pavlick said.

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 were both released in November 2017.

“It’s amazing how fast technology has improved in the past 20 years,” Pavlick said. “The capabilities that these phones have is really out of this world. They’re doing things that I never thought I’d need from a phone, nor that I’d expect from a phone, and I think that’s amazing.”

Jenna Langan is the consumer tech reporter. Contact her at [email protected].