Opinion: English Premier League predictions

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English Premier League Pre-Season Power Rankings

  1. Manchester City

The reigning league champions retained their entire roster and have added another attacker in Riyad Mahrez. This team has one of the deepest rosters in EPL, which will allow them to be flexible with the demands of domestic and international competitions. High expectations will surround this team.

  1. Manchester United

The second place team will look to be champions under Jose Mourinho, but at the moment, they are still second best. They added Fred, a creative midfielder to pair Alexis Sanchez. Their season will depend on the style of play adopted by the team. Will it be a pragmatic approach that Mourinho is known to deploy, or will they have a more free-form style?

  1. Liverpool

Liverpool went out and spent the bankroll on Brazilian goalkeeper, Alisson. One of the most exciting attacks in league will now look to stabilize the defense. Jurgen Klopp’s system has worked in the goal department, but in order to be champions, they have to be better on defense.

  1. Arsenal

The Arsene Wenger era ends, and the Unai Emery one begins. This team should have aspirations, since they have collected and spent like a top-4 team. It just comes down to coaching and tactics. Emery will learn real quick that this is not PSG, where they are essentially the winner every year. In the EPL, it’s a competition for the top.  

  1. Tottenham

The Spurs have made no major moves, and this could be a problem. I doubt Harry Kane leaves the Spurs this summer, but if he does there is no replacement for him. There isn’t even a second option beyond him, which causes problems when Kane picks up an injury or rests. Spurs are a solid team, but do not have the firepower as the other teams above them.

  1. Chelsea

This ranking depends if Eden Hazard moves to Real Madrid, which I believe he will. He creates so many chances for an offense that is lacking finishing talent. Now, if Michy Batshuayi brings the form he had at Dortmund to Chelsea, then it’s a different story. However, do you really want to put the faith of your attack in Giroud or Morata?

  1. Leicester City

Leicester had a disappointing season last year, with more speculation on Mahrez leaving than actual team performance. However, that distraction leaving should help the team regain focus, and leave them on the positive of the table. They also added fullback, Ricardo Pereira, and young attacking midfielder, James Madison.

  1. Everton

Everton have made no moves so far, and this could be a problem for a team that is desperate for a goal scorer. The team was a mess last year with coaching changes, since they did not play up to the standard of their talents. Marco Silva will look to turn the team back into Champions League contenders but it may take some time (and money) to get there.

  1. Newcastle United

The Magpies finished 10th in their return to the top flight, and it was an impressive season for Rafa Benitez’ side. One of the younger teams, they hope to continue building the solid foundation they have. Defense and goalkeeping could be problems, but the solid midfield and attack compensate for it.

  1. Burnley

After a stellar campaign last year, I think the team will have a more modest year. There is not any major signings to report yet, but they have held on to some key talents. 10th place isn’t an attractive spot on the table but it’s better than fighting to stay alive, or in the relegation zone.

  1. West Ham United

  2. Bournemouth

  3. Wolverhampton

  4. Crystal Palace

  5. Fulham

  6. Watford

  7. Southampton

  8. Cardiff City

  9. Brighton

  10. Wolves

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