Best of Kent: Best Restaurant

Jarett Theberge

First PlaceRay’s Restaurant

When it comes to finding the best place to eat in the city, it’s hard to beat the establishment who has been cooking for the community for the longest.

Since 1937, Ray’s Place has been the spot where generations of families come back to because they know that the quality of the food and experience have been consistent despite the years gone by.

“It’s quirky because it’s an old building. The booths we’re sitting in have scratches with people’s names from years ago, these bricks were the same as they were in 1937 before it was even a bar,” said Manager Kayla Allen.

Ray’s Place has made a point to do their burger and meat options the right way and this is apparent with the success of their Mo-Fo which has filled stomachs for over 40 years.

Featured on the Food Network’s Best Things I Ever Ate, the Mo-Fo stands more than it sits in front of you as a double-bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickle and sauteed mushrooms with a knife right down the middle.

Or come in on a Monday to get their smoked meats special featuring pulled pork, ribs, chicken and pastrami.

Ray’s also never cuts on quality. Allen said that 90 percent of their ingredient are made in-house making sure what makes Ray’s great stay at Ray’s.

Second PlaceMike’s Place


Another Kent favorite is not far behind as Mike’s Place serves up some of the biggest portions and biggest personalities in Kent.

The decorations that cover the walls of Mike’s Place are almost as dense as their menu. If you can eat it, Mike’s has it.

From variations of subs, wraps, burgers, wings, dinner platters, pasta, pizza and all day breakfast, Mike’s will most likely hit whatever spot that has you looking for good grub.

With a staff that’s as cool as the replica X-Wing fighter that sits outside the restaurant, it’s an atmosphere you don’t want to miss.

“I don’t want that corporate kind of feel,” said owner Mike Kostensky. “We never take anything serious.”

To make their menu even more extensive, Kostensky is looking to create a vegetarian menu and welcome a broader customer base into the restaurant.

Third PlaceBricco

Perhaps you have a date coming up and want to wow the other person with a fancier venue to eat, Bricco offers a solution in a college town.

With large panel windows for natural light and a spacious outdoor patio, Bricco looks delicious before you walk into doors.

Entrees like the Jerk Chicken and Shrimp served with coconut pineapple and chives or their Sunday a la carte Brunch makes Bricco a top contender for fine dining in Kent.

Jarrett Theberge is a visual art reporter. Conact him at j[email protected].