ZaQ1st: Be$t Regards



Host: Assata Cheers Guest: Zachary Thomas

Plot Synopsis: This Episode features an exclusive interview with Kent State University alumnus and rapper, Zachary Thomas, aka ZaQ1st. Zac elaborates on the dynamics of his upcoming album “Purposeful” which will be distributed on Apple Music and Spotify, July 6th, 2018. He also shed light on the business aspects of artistry, along with his personal perspectives on economics, politics, and relationships.

This album will be available on Apple Music and Spotify, July, 6th, 2018. He currently has music on SoundCloud, all of which is so worth the listen! Zac’s chill vibe, optimistic energy, and conscious mind contributed to such a compelling interview:

 1.  ZaQ1st, who are you? Why are you? What are you? 

2.  Can you elaborate on your evolution from “It’s Thomas” to ZaQ1st?

3.  You have a special project on the way, “Purposeful.” What does this project consist of? 

4.  Why is this project special? Different from your other work? 

5.  What are some of the struggles you have endured throughout your pursuit as an aspiring mainstream artist? How do you go about overcoming these struggles? 

6.  What are some aspects of yourself that you value as an artist and as a person? 

7.  What is some of your favorite work thus far? Why? 

8.  Who/what has been your greatest inspiration/motivation throughout this journey? 

9.  What is your biggest fear?

10.  What is your biggest goal?

11.  Moving forward, what would the ideal future for ZaQ1st and Be$t Regards look like to you?