Pursue your purpose



Plot Synopsis: Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” – Leo Buscagia

Your purpose is ultimately your means for existence. Pursuing your purpose will fuel your heart, stimulate your mind, and allow you to become an asset to the world in some way. Never pursue something that you are not passionate about. Without passion there is no purpose. Do what is best for you.

Before pursuing my purpose, I have always asked myself:

What exactly is my purpose?

How do I get in alignment with my purpose?

How do I pursue my purpose?

Will I prosper if I pursue my purpose? 

I am sure that you all have asked yourselves some similar questions before you actually discovered your purpose. Some of you may even be asking yourself these questions now. I want to help you answer some of these questions for yourself, as well as reassure you that as long as your pursuit fuels your heart there is no doubt that you are on the right track.

Some of us know that we have a gift or skill that must come into fruition, while others have not yet honed into their source of success.

I must say that if you know your purpose but have not acted on it yet, you are truly doing yourself a disfavor. There is no excuse for sleeping on your success.

“Every blessing ignored become a curse” – Paulo Coelho

In other words, if you continue to sleep on yourself, your unattended passion will become an everlasting nightmare. The fact that you are ignoring God’s gift to you, will haunt you forever. You are better off pursuing your purpose and doing your absolute best to succeed. Disregard your fears, insecurities, and any odds.

Never allow yourself to live with a standard that is less than what you are capable of. (remember episode one’s True Blueprint number three: “Don’t play yourself, if you know better, do better.”)

To become familiar with your purpose you must first become familiar with yourself, your true self.

Pay attention and ask yourself: What fuels my heart? What makes me happy? What am I good at? How can I become closer to myself? God? My purpose? How can I manifest my purpose into my reality?

These questions may take some time to answer, but they will never go unanswered. You may even need to utilize a career development advisor. Do whatever you need to do to get closer to your purpose.

If you do not instantly discover your purpose; God will subtly reveal your purpose (not always directly). Be patient and continue to make your intentions for abundance clear.

Do not ever feel ashamed or embarrassed for questioning your purpose on earth, we all have. Sometimes after discovering and even during our pursuits, concerns and questions still arise. We are only human, and we must never shame ourselves for seeking more.

“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation” – Paul Coehlo

Slowly but surely you will feel a strong pull towards your destiny, and once you do … it’s game time.

Once you discover your purpose you must begin to actually pursue your purpose. This will require a bunch of effort and persistence (aka hard work).

You must realize that your choices have power. Your choices are reflective of where you were, where you are now, and where you are headed (which can be negative or positive). You will be required to sacrifice the things that you like, for the thing that you love (your passion or purpose). You must choose to become grounded in all that you want for yourself, for the sake of your purpose, your success, and your legacy — which has the power to influence generations to come.


Remember that your purpose is your purpose. Stop looking at other people for confirmation and validation. Look to God, look within your heart, and trust the signs along the way, disregard the opposition. Pursuing your purpose will require you to create a long-term agenda for success. Commit to your destiny, dedicate your mind, body, and soul to your passion. You will not regret giving your all to something that is destined for you.

Just because you are pursuing your passion, your purpose does not mean that it will be an easy process. Pursuing your purpose comes with a struggle. However, because you are so passionate about your purpose it makes the struggle all the more worth enduring and committing to (success requires sacrifice). After all, you must see the bigger picture in order to obtain it. Once you begin your pursuit of success, there will be instant discomfort solely because you are not used to pushing yourself so hard, thriving for better than you once had. Do not reject this purposeful process. Condition your mind to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. At this point you chose to pursue better, therefore transformation is inevitable. Embrace it, exhibit fearlessness as you travel through the journey. Once you discover your purpose and work towards pursuing it, you will attract opportunities that are in alignment with your destiny.

Do not hesitate to study your passion, become a student to where you desire to be in life until you become an expert. (For guidance, inspiration or motivation, take notes from successors in your field)

The more knowledge that you obtain about your industry, the more power you will gain. This level of passion and understanding will put you ahead of your game.

No matter how great you become, the key is to remain humble as you pursue your passion and even after you thrive and reap success. 


Constant battle, major difference between the two 

EGO= “Edging God out.”

Wants and needs confirmation, praise, validation throughout the process to keep going.

Expects instant gratification, rewards, success.

Envies others’ successes (jealous-hearted because you’re not where you want to be) easily discouraged when things are not the way you want them to be.


Only needs confirmation from the most high God to keep going. Does not seek confirmation or validation from flesh (any man or woman).

Understands that instant gratification, rewards and success are not realistic.

Accepts that you must put the work in, in order to become the greatest. Will not begin pursuit as an expert — must work to get there.

Seeing others succeed gives them hope, provokes them to keep going. Does not instill envy and jealousy in their hearts because they know who they are destined to become.

Not easily discourage. Through adversity you still aspire to succeed, continue to grind and pursue your purpose. Hard times motivate you, fuels your journey and propels you to go harder.

Main difference is faith in God, trusting the process, and patience throughout any pursuit.

Humility is always the answer.

Be humble. If you do not choose humility, humility will choose you.

One thing that you will realize is: not everyone will be receptive to your purpose. Know the difference between constructive criticism and hate. Do not ever become discouraged and inclined to give up by either. Because you are humble, you do not need validation from any man or woman but you should always remain open to constructive criticism from credible sources. You are grounded in your purpose. Let the discouragers and haters go.

You will find yourself more inclined to deal with people who make a positive contribution to your purpose. These should be the only people consuming your time.

Keep going, keep pursuing your purpose. Do not hesitate to seek inspiration and motivation every day. Meditation, prayer, yoga, rest, sermons, motivating interviews and YouTube videos keep me focused and inspired on my worst day.

Remember that the closer you are to yourself, the closer you are to God. And the closer you are to God, the closer you are to your purpose.

You are destined to get in alignment with your purpose and prosper. Give it your all. Your time of impact will come. I am certain.