Best of Kent: Best pizza

Paige Bennett

First PlaceLucci’s Place

Fresh dough and homemade sauce are what customers can expect from Lucci’s Place, a family owned pizza shop specializing in New York style pizza.

Located within walking distance of the University, Lucci’s is a popular spot for students looking to grab a bite to eat in between classes.

Affordability is another appeal of Lucci’s. While the owners are committed to using fresh, premium ingredients, they are also concerned with maintaining prices that work for students on budgets.

Lucci’s Place sells pizza by the slice, making it a convenient and affordable lunch and dinner option.

With over two dozen toppings, such as chicken, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella cheese and green olives, Lucci’s Place has a wide selection of toppings for customers to choose from.

Besides the single slices, the most popular item at Lucci’s is a large pepperoni pizza.

However, pizza is not the only item Lucci’s has to offer. The stromboli, which consists of capicola, pepperoni, genoa salami, cheese or any mix of toppings and comes with homemade marinara, is another staple on the menu, as well as breadsticks, made with Lucci’s signature dough, salad and cheese stuffed soft pretzel bites.

One of the things that sets Lucci’s Place apart is its dedication to customer service, said Peter Finley, who owns the shop with his brother, Jon, and his father, William.

While Lucci’s is not a big shop, its owners have focused on creating an inviting atmosphere and forging strong relationships with customers. Visitors will find smiling faces and friendly conversation, Finley said.

Second PlaceGuy’s Pizza

Over on South Water Street, Guy’s Pizza continues to be a Kent favorite.

With a wide variety of specialty pizzas, such as the “Texas BBQ” and the “Loaded Baked Potato,” and “guyzones,” calzones stuffed with mozzarella cheese and a customer’s choice of toppings, Guy’s Pizza has plenty of items to choose from.  

“I would have to say the fact that we offer individual slices is what makes us most appealing to a majority of students,” said General Manager Evan Lundberg.

In addition, conveniences like online ordering and discounts for student organizations have expanded the popularity of Guy’s Pizza in the Kent area.

Third PlaceEuroGyro

EuroGyro serves a variety of burgers, sandwiches, pastas and salads, but its unique pizzas have established EuroGyro’s popularity among students.

Serving 11 different specialty pizzas, including the “Loaded Jojos Pizza,” the “Greek Pizza,” the “Philly Steak Pizza” and the “Honey Gold Chicken Pizza,” EuroGyro offers customers a wide variety of choices.

Its “EuroGyro Pizza” is a garlic spread, featuring a blend of three cheeses, as well as gyro meat, black olives, oregano, onions and tomatoes.

Paige Bennett is a feature writer. Contact her at [email protected]