The tide has changed. What now?

Brandon Bounds

Your #TimesUp.

Oh my God, you went through that? #MeToo.

Every week since the second half of 2017, story headlines on many television newscasts and newspapers across the nation sported the hashtag: #MeToo. In some cases, it occurred daily.

I remember standing up in the newsroom on a November afternoon after seeing the third person accused of sexual harassment.

I proclaimed to every single person  — more so directed toward the males — “Promise me this, guys. I better not see any of you on the news where you are accused of sexual assault.”

The whole newsroom cheered and applauded in response.

What can I say? I’ve had enough.

The amount of stories the media has reported and still are reporting is disappointing. It’s frustrating to even think that men in power are taking advantage of these women and silencing them from ever breathing a word.

Some would say President Donald Trump accepts sexual harassment as appropriate behavior, which may give those in power the green light to act.

Vulnerable. Embarrassed. Powerless. Worthless. Female victims subjected to sexual assault and harassment have felt this way and then some.

This was an ongoing cycle for years and years.

Now, these women who were silenced are now speaking out. The tide has not only changed, but transformed into an explosive movement.

We are a quarter of the way into the new year. April marks Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

So what happens now?

Needless to say, women and men — of all ages — are pissed. They are looking for change.

Women are protesting. Survivors are becoming leaders. Activists are rising.

We all want a safer environment for one another, and women are no exception. If we’re going to achieve that, then this inappropriate behavior has got to go.

Brandon Bounds is an enterprise reporter. Contact him at [email protected].