Best of Kent: Best coffee shop

Paige Bennett

First PlaceTree City Coffee & Pastry

Quality coffee and an inviting atmosphere are what you will find at Tree City Coffee & Pastry, located on East Erie Street in downtown Kent.

Founded in 2011, this coffee shop has been a favorite in the community for both its versatile menu and its modern design.

One of the things that makes Tree City appealing to college students is that it functions as a relaxing workspace.

Students are able to bring their homework into the shop and study at one of the many tables, all while enjoying a cup of coffee.  

From the drive-thru window to the layout of the shop, Tree City was designed to fit the needs of students, Evan Bailey, one of the owners, said.

Even the menu, Bailey said, has been influenced by the students.

Tree City offers different frappes, lattes and macchiatos.

Some of the establishment’s most popular drinks are maple lattes, seasonal specials and the “Fresh Mint Cold Brew.”

However, this coffee shop is not just known for its beverages. Tree City serves breakfast sandwiches, made with New York bagels and a variety of toppings, all day long.  

 In addition, gourmet peanut butter sandwiches, such as the “Honey Nut Crunch,” a sandwich consisting of freshly ground peanut butter, granola and honey, and “The Stelvis,” which is made with honey roasted peanut butter, sliced bananas, honey and bacon, are popular staples.  

Second PlaceScribbles Coffee Co.

Taking second place is Scribbles, a charming coffee shop located on North Water Street.

Scribbles has been a staple in Kent since it opened in 2002. Serving an assortment of handcrafted mochas, lattes and cappuccinos, Scribbles is bound to have something for every coffee lover.

“It (Scribbles) is not the newest but that’s part of what makes it comfortable,” said Jennifer Richards, one of the owners. “We are the oldest coffee shop in town, and we love when students feel right at home.”

The most popular items on the menu are the junior bolts, which come in flavors like dark chocolate, honey ginger and caramel spice.

Containing two shots of espresso, half-and-half and organic spices, junior bolts “give you a jolt but not all the sugar,” Richards said.

Third PlaceBent Tree Coffee Roasters

Opened in 2011, Bent Tree Coffee Roasters offers the Kent community a peaceful atmosphere, as well as fresh coffee made with high-quality ingredients.

“I think it’s a nice environment to focus,” said shop manager Brenna Rettberg.

 Since people typically come to Bent Tree to buy bags of coffee, it isn’t too loud or crowded, which makes it the ideal location for catching up on homework, Rettberg said.  

Some of Bent Tree’s most popular items are the French pressed coffee and the handcrafted lattes.

Paige Bennett is a feature reporter. Contact her at [email protected].