Claire Weihe


Photo of Claire Weibe. 

Senator candidate for the College of Public Health

What is your platform?

“Helping people is my passion. As your senator, my drive to serve others will allow me to do as much as I can to make student’s experiences here at Kent State enriching and enjoyable. Since I am on the board for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Kent State University as the student data manager/ deputy president, I plan to advocate for women’s health and safety in USG by continuing to reevaluate how our university handles Title XI issues. I plan on collaborating with Campus Kitchen to spread awareness of food insecurity on campus by creating a large event that would offer numerous volunteering opportunities. I aim to work with College of Public Health faculty and staff to organize more symposiums which showcase accomplished alums to help guide our undergraduate students in their future career plans in the broad field of public health. I will advocate for the minority voice and make sure the College of Public Health continues to value the prosperity of their students.”

Why should people vote for you?

“I am the best candidate because I have an expertly strong work ethic that allows me to follow through completely with projects, not leave them halfway finished. I can talk to all types of people, which is critical on such a diverse campus. Also, since I will be a sophomore I will be able to represent the younger half of the student body that is not typically represented in USG. Finally, my passion to serve the Kent State community will give me more motivation to better the lives of Kent State students.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“In the upcoming school year, I hope to make people more aware of what the College of Public Health has to offer. Also, I hope to get more people involved in volunteer opportunities throughout the Office of Experiential Education and Civic Engagement and Campus Kitchen. Finally, I hope to continue to work in collaboration with the Women’s Center to ensure all women on this campus have access to free menstrual products.”